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The world has moved on to technology for everything and Framework Development helps your institute to do the same, the software has various modules for various types of users.
On a basic understanding level, our product has 4 types of users – Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents; each of whom have their own login which is recorded and can be monitored by the admin.

The software can be customised with ease according to the needs of the institution, different schools have their own administrative system, and the software can be customised to resonate with the requirement; making our product more user friendly and adaptable; and hence offering you excellent service, making your management more automated and stress free.

Most management software are difficult to learn and configure, but our product is designed keeping ease of use in mind, any user with basic computer operation knowledge can learn to use the software in a matter of minutes.
Our product has a user-friendly dashboard with login for various types of users that can be customised by the admin. The software has various modules that help automate the process of your institution, be it the admission of a new student or generating the transfer certificate of a student leaving the institution; all the processes can be operated and customised using the software making the administration work more effective and efficient.
And to the administration the software can help in employee management too, as it has an integrated Human Resource module that too can be customised according to the institutions need; that can help monitor the payroll and pay slips of the staff. In addition theirs a Finance module that helps in budget and fiscal planning for the institution


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