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TTSIT is an Indian-based company catering to your IT solutions. We deal in designing and developing solutions for websites and software. With the latest technology we try our best to provide our clients the best of what they want. Our dedicated team works diligently to fulfill the need of the hour. We understand your requirements and do the research and planning accordingly. We then execute the design and furnish the finish products.

We take up your projects and duly prepare for them whether it’s the basic idea, design or cost of the project, we keep them all at your comfort zone.  We will offer and share what you what, nothing less or excess. We emphasize that you receive the very best. We have various filter steps making sure that the final product is impeccable. All these we can promise and provide due to the skilled and knowledgeable staff we have. They are professional and well educated, working to achieve the best for you and the firm.

Last year, we helped more than 100 schools in installing School Management Software across India. We offer upgraded versions to provide better IT support with advanced features with greater performing rates. Not only this, any type of IT support we can offer, we make sure to help in the best possible way.

We render to a number of services and solutions. Given below is a list of some services we have to offer:

Software Development: According to the needs of the clients their software are developed and designed, providing them satisfaction and meeting with their requirements.

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